Can my child have a trial lesson?

Yes, we offer a trial provided space is available.  Just enquire with us at [email protected] .

Can my child take a one-off workshop during a term?

Our term after school sessions are not just one-off workshops. For one-off workshops please check our holiday workshops calendar.

Can my child join CYW at any point after the start of term?

Yes, your child can join the club at any time provided there is space available. You will pay for the remaining part of a term only.

How do I sign up my child for your after school and holiday workshops?

You can use our online booking system to book our workshops.
Browse our offering from the links on the top menu, and book the workshop/course of interest adding it to your cart.
You can then proceed to checkout or simply keep browsing our offer. To complete your order, click on the ‘cart’ symbol on the top menu and then proceed to checkout. We kindly ask you to fill the registration form at checkout with the parent’s and child details, an email address and password to create your personal account.

I booked and paid for your course/workshop, but I want/have to cancel. Can I get a refund?

Please read our Terms & Conditions. It is not possible to get a refund once you booked in for a course/workshop. However, your payment can be treated as a credit for other workshops on the condition that you notify CYW no later than two weeks before the course/workshop starts.

My child missed a workshop, can I can get a refund for this workshop?

Please read our Terms & Conditions. No refund is available; however, your child can have a makeup session provided there is available space in other groups.

What does my child need to bring to your workshops?

All materials provided for all workshops. If your child attends after school creative writing s/he will receive a complimentary package which includes a notebook, pen/pencil and a bookmark.

How do creative writing workshops progress from term to term?

Chelsea Young Writers Club is not an extension of school.  There is no formal curriculum and there are no tests, level or grades. We don’t set targets either, but that’s not to say we don’t have structure or proper tutorship – course leaders thoroughly prepare after school course outlines for each term and each holiday workshop. Although our focus is on creative rather than literacy skills, we are confident the latter will improve as a result of our workshops.

We have the same course structure over three terms. Each week children will be introduced to an aspect of writing – characterisation, plotting, structure, dialogue, description, style and language, different genres to name but a few – through carefully conceived, age appropriate, entertaining but challenging activities, games and exercises.

There is no maximum number of terms your child should attend.  As long as they are enjoying the workshops, then they will continue to develop and grow as writers under the guidance of published authors. Just like singing in a choir, or playing sports, they will continue to improve given the right stimulus.

Which skills will my child develop by attending your creative writing workshops?

By attending our regular after school and holiday workshops your child should be able to enhance their creative thinking, i.e. generating and developing own original ideas; develop a habit of structuring a plot in writing; develop descriptive writing and writing in time frames . Please also check our Vision section

Do your creative writing workshops help my child to pass creative writing tests at school?

Whilst for our regular type of after school and holiday workshops we don’t aim to follow and adjust to a formal school curriculum and don’t set targets, percentages or marks, our regular members show improved results in creative writing at school that even makes them top of a class! See our testimonial section.

Does my child’s writing get marked? Do we receive an assessment?

Please note there is a difference between regular creative writing courses and 11plus exam preparation courses.

Creative writing courses: There is no marking, but we review your child’s work at our workshops.  We don’t want children to feel as if they are in a classroom.  At our regular after-school and holiday workshops, the course leader will check your child’s writing during each session and provide verbal feedback and further guidance on developing ideas, structure for a story line, descriptive devices. Course leaders may also provide verbal feedback to a parent at the end of a session. Your child will receive a written feedback upon completion of the course.

11Plus courses: The 11-Plus English exam preparation course is tutorial in format and includes marking. Your child will receive an individual written report from the course leader upon completion of the course.