Senior 11 Plus Courses (Year 5 & 6)

The Senior 11+ Term-Time Course is an annual program designed to prepare Year 5 students and those entering Year 6 in September for a wide range of 11+ exams and interviews. It has been developed by leading experts in the independent school sector and academic English specialists to give students the confidence and skills they need to succeed.

Our course covers all aspects of 11+ English preparation, including advanced reading, writing, exam technique (including multiple-choice questions), and interview skills. We also expose students to sophisticated and intellectual content to develop their overall knowledge and critical thinking skills, not just their exam-taking abilities.

Classes are held weekly on Saturday or Sunday during term time and last for 2 hours, focusing on a specific skill set each week. During holiday periods, we offer a variety of formats including intensive daily workshops and Masterclasses teaching advanced skills. We also have revision-based classes to strengthen key skills. Formal mock assessments and interviews are held at various points throughout the year.

The 11 Plus Team at CYW closely monitors our students and stays in close communication with families, providing potential access to an independent school sector expert. Our learning environment is warm and familial, providing a supportive atmosphere where students can engage in high-level academic learning while forming friendships with others who are working towards the same goal.

If you’re interested in enrolling your child in one of our 11 Plus courses or would like to learn more, please fill out the form below and a friendly member of our Academic Team will be in touch with you soon.