Thank you very much for this insight and the 11plus course which Ash found challenging but excellent. This will give her some goals for the following year in preparation for an 11+ in Jan 2018.

Claire, parent of a girl aged 10 - December 2016

Nikita enjoyed the Christmas course enormously. He said he would miss Andrew and to find him another course with him! 🙂

Katia, parent of Nikita aged 11 - December 2016

I just wanted to say how impressed I was with the course and the inspiring teacher. Will heartily recommend to others. Many thanks.

Dee, parent of a girl aged 9 - November 2016

I would like to thank Chelsea Young Writers. Lex has really enjoyed their course and has been proud of his work, wanting to read it to us when he gets homes. I think they have done an outstanding job of inspiring Lex, and from what I saw last week, the others in the group.

Mary, parent of Lex aged 10 - June 2016

I loved writing the conflict scene in my story. I have learned to add drama and tension to improve my work.

Natalie, ten-year-old girl - November 2015

I have learned to put together really good stories and believe in my ability.

Thomas, eleven-year-old boy - November 2015

I have really grown in confidence and have learned to trust in my ideas.

Gillian, eleven-year-old girl - November 2015

I really enjoyed figuring out the plot. The best part was when I wrote about pink, fluffy unicorns.

Ashleigh, eight-year-old girl - November 2015

I enjoyed writing the journey to the island and putting magical things into my story.

Amanda, seven-year-old girl - November 2015

I have learned how to edit my work which is a good skill to have.

Max, nine-year-old boy - November 2015

I really enjoyed the writing we have done. The part I like the most is deciding on the plot and outcome.

Motya, eight-year-old boy - November 2015

I have learned to create more effective dialogue that adds suspense and interest.

Aanika, ten-year-old girl - November 2015

The sessions have improved my writing. I can now write stories quicker. I really enjoy coming to Chelsea Young Writers.

Filip, seven-year-old boy - November 2015

I really enjoyed writing this adventure story, especially designing the map of the island that I included into the narrative.

Emily, eight-year-old girl - November 2015

I have learned to write with feeling and express myself much better.

Sasha, nine-year-old boy - November 2015

I enjoyed sharing my ideas with the authors who often helped me to improve and advance my thinking.

Divine, ten-year-old girl - November 2015

I really liked writing this adventure story, especially the part where I made the character find the treasure.

Sophie, nine-year-old girl - November 2015

I liked meeting new friends here. I have learned how to edit my work which we don’t do at school.

Catherine, seven-year-old girl - November 2015

I enjoyed feeling like I was in my own world whilst I was writing the story.

Luke, nine-year-old boy - November 2015

The holiday workshop transported my daughter back to her first enthusiastic forays of writing stories for her toys, but cleverly guided her to present her work in an ordered and flowing manner!

Vanessa, mother of a nine-year-old girl — October 2015

This holiday creative writing course was the first experience for us. I was searching for a writing course for my son who was very reluctant to attend to be honest. But when I picked him up he had a broad smile on his face, he loved it so much and he said “Can I come again, please?” 🙂

Parent of a ten-year-old boy — October 2015

My son has come on leaps and bounds over the year in both creative writing and public speaking. Thank you CYW for your excellent courses!

Shameem, mother of an eight-year-old boy — July 2015

Ben loves coming to Chelsea Young Writers each week. He was desperate for the freedom to immerse himself in the creative writing process after the constraints of the school curriculum. The different authors all challenge and engage Ben creatively which he loves and he can’t wait to tell me all about it each week as we walk home. Although it was never the intention Ben’s writing has flourished since starting at CYW which has been reflected in his school reports.

Lisa, mother of a nine-year-old boy — July 2015

Our daughter very much enjoys  creative writing workshops at Chelsea Young Writers. Writing is her favorite activity and we believe the Club played a significant role in building her confidence and boosting her creativity. We love that the children are given lots of freedom of expression. We also love a great range  of topics with the Greek Mythology being our favorite! Another distinctive feature of the Club is that the workshops are taught by authors, our daughter finds Alan Durant, Paul Bryers and Margaret Bateson-Hill very inspirational! We are very much looking forward for a new term with the Chelsea Young Writers Club!

Liliana, mother of a seven-year-old girl — July 2014

I have been a member of CYW since it began.  Over two years of being taught by inspirational authors such as Caroline Lawrence and Paul Bryers, my literary skills have really developed.  I always look forward to my CYW sessions because writing is like diving into fantasy.

Connie, ten-year-old girl — December 2014

Dear Editor,

Before going to the Young Writer’s Club, story writing was my worst subject and now it feels like travelling to paradise. I love the feeling of going through my imagination cupboard.

Kindest writing regards,


Christina, nine-year-old girl — December 2014

Our daughter’s creative writing has blossomed since joining Chelsea Young Writers at the beginning of the year.  She finds the author-led discussion and workshops incredibly stimulating and inspiring, and the weekly sessions have given her the confidence to push new boundaries in both prose and poetry.  The children are never patronised and always encouraged to write ‘from the heart’, which has led our daughter to leap 30 percentage points in her Y4 Composition Exam this summer, compared to what she achieved before going to Chelsea Young Writers.  We are delighted that she is doing so well and proud to be among the first to have joined this flourishing group.

Kate, mother of a nine-year-old girl — December 2014

CYW has succeeded in what I think is a minor miracle – getting an active eight year old boy to look forward to “story writing class” as he calls it – week after week, for a whole year. CYW’s excellent teachers have opened up his mind to think outside the box and to enjoy the creative writing process. This has resulted in a very high English mark in his end of year 3 exams and a boy who is developing a genuine love for good literature and the confidence to write using his heart as well as his head. Thank you CYW – you have done what I could have never achieved on my own.

Smita, mother of an eight-year-old boy — July 2014

My boys have been great fans of the writing club for two terms now. They are always eager to go, to get inspired and share their ideas. Ulvi, who always welcomes them with a great smile on her face, works with the authors to mix up an inspirational and very original workshop themes. This term for instance, they loved exploring the Greek mythology although the highlight was when my son Liam was filmed sharing his own writing on salivary for the production of “We are All Born Free”. We can’t wait for September.”

Christine, mother of Leo & Liam , nine and seven-year-old boys — July 2014

Professional and fantastic approach. Relaxing atmosphere. Encouraging children to experiment with interesting words and phrases in writing tasks. Great communication with parents.

Ursula, mother of Julia, eight-year-old girl — December 2013

My daughter really enjoyed CYW and it definitely helped with her comprehension and understanding some complex subjects like the right to be free that is hard to grasp. The writers did an excellent job to deepen their understanding.

A parent — December 2013

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