Thank you very much for this insight and the 11plus course which Ash found challenging but excellent. This will give her some goals for the following year in preparation for an 11+ in Jan 2018.

Claire, parent of a girl aged 10 - December 2016

Nikita enjoyed the Christmas course enormously. He said he would miss Andrew and to find him another course with him! 🙂

Katia, parent of Nikita aged 11 - December 2016

I just wanted to say how impressed I was with the course and the inspiring teacher. Will heartily recommend to others. Many thanks.

Dee, parent of a girl aged 9 - November 2016

I would like to thank Chelsea Young Writers. Lex has really enjoyed their course and has been proud of his work, wanting to read it to us when he gets homes. I think they have done an outstanding job of inspiring Lex, and from what I saw last week, the others in the group.

Mary, parent of Lex aged 10 - June 2016

I loved writing the conflict scene in my story. I have learned to add drama and tension to improve my work.

Natalie, ten-year-old girl - November 2015

I have learned to put together really good stories and believe in my ability.

Thomas, eleven-year-old boy - November 2015

I have really grown in confidence and have learned to trust in my ideas.

Gillian, eleven-year-old girl - November 2015

I really enjoyed figuring out the plot. The best part was when I wrote about pink, fluffy unicorns.

Ashleigh, eight-year-old girl - November 2015

I enjoyed writing the journey to the island and putting magical things into my story.

Amanda, seven-year-old girl - November 2015

I have learned how to edit my work which is a good skill to have.

Max, nine-year-old boy - November 2015