Master Your Creative Writing

A course unique to Chelsea Young Writers, Master Your Creative Writing comprises a series of workshops designed by our in-house children’s authors. Over the duration of a school term, children will be introduced to a literary topic from a variety of interesting and exciting angles. Each session will see our young learners apprehend the theme in question in new and challenging ways, in a bid to create their own unique written responses. Priority is given to encouraging original thought, the construction of a useful plan, the creative and accurate use of language, and developing concentration through timed creative writing. After attending workshops, we expect children to be outfitted with a well-rounded appreciation of the literary theme at hand – knowledge that will surely continue to pay dividends into the future. We also aspire to have our young writers develop a comprehensive set of writing skills which can be adapted to any time-sensitive written assignment. We do not cover SPaG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) on this course, as our main emphasis is on the creative part of writing. Our workshops strongly encourage creative thinking, avoiding limits such as the ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to use the imagination.  As a result, there is no direct marking system - but we do review your child’s work during each session, providing verbal feedback and further guidance on developing ideas/ storyline structures/ descriptive devices. Your child will also receive a short, written feedback upon their completion of the course. This course will benefit  keen or reluctant readers and writers who will then apply their gained skills in writing for pleasure and challenging creative writing tasks in exam papers.

Learning Objectives

  1. To confidently generate original ideas for story writing
  2. To sharpen overall critical thinking and reading skills
  3. To develop a mature style of writing narrative by mastering the structural elements of short prose fiction
  4. To plan out a coherent plot under timed conditions
  5. To learn how to write complex characters, use dialogue effectively and create believable settings
  6. To develop a competent self-editing process, checking for clarity, fluency, vividness and accuracy of vocabulary and descriptive detail
  7. To discuss your own writing with the course leader and group, as well as learn to critique and edit the writing of others

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course you should be able to:

  1. Understand different ways original ideas can be generated for a story.
  2. Demonstrate an understanding of various critical thinking and reading techniques.
  3. Use imagination and sensory details for creating suspense and intrigue – avoiding cliché, sentimentality or melodrama – and demonstrate increased competence in writing varied sentence structures.
  4. Adhere to a story plan in writing, arranging the ideas purposefully and coherently within time-sensitive conditions.
  5. Understand how to write authentic characters, dialogue and setting, identifying what works and what doesn’t work as well.
  6. Demonstrate an effective method of revision, checking over own work for correct vocabulary, use of descriptive devices and overall fluency of the narrative.
  7. Listen to and apply any constructive criticism received, as well as be able to confidently give critical feedback to help improve others’ work.
  8. Work under timed conditions and be well-prepared and equipped for 11Plus creative writing tasks.


Spring Term 2020

First half term. The Secret Safe.

You love a puzzle, so when you receive a mysterious letter that makes no sense at all, you immediately set to work to decipher its contents. Your efforts lead you to a rendezvous and a surprising invitation – you have been selected to join a young team of code-cracking geniuses in deciphering an ancient manuscript. Discovered in the walls of a ruined castle on the island of Ireland, up to now, even the very best cryptographers in the world have been unable to unlock its secrets. In desperation, they’ve turned to the young generation in the hope that they can bring some fresh insight to the task.
Together with your team-mates you set to work. But what you are about to discover goes way beyond anything you could have imagined and will lead you to into terrible danger, because someone is watching and they’re even prepared to kill you to stop you.
Join us as we unlock dark and devastating secrets and decipher the codes used to hide them. Test your skills as you create clever codes and ciphers and unleash the power of secrets in a captivating thriller.

Second half term. Keys in the Crypt.

You’re a world re-known archaeologist specialising in Egyptian cryptology. In fact, attempting to solve these ancient conundrums has been your life’s work. After all, when it comes to Egyptian Hieroglyphics there are few experts, so few, in fact, that you know them all.
When a new tomb is unearthed and you are summoned to Egypt to try to make sense of the writings, you are put to work with someone you’ve never heard of and this makes you suspicious. Still, time is limited, and the tomb is soon to be handed back to the authorities and re-sealed - you have work to do and can’t let your suspicions get in the way.
But as you get deeper into the task, members of the archaeology team start to mysteriously disappear. Not only this, but your colleague is reckless and fails to heed some fatalistic warnings, passing them off as nonsense. As a result, a deadly curse is unleashed which threatens to consume mankind.
Only you can save humanity, but are you up to the task? And most importantly, do you have the courage?
Join us as we uncover the truth and battle to save the world in this ancient tale full of dangerous revelations.


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