Holiday Club: 27–30 August 2019. The Whole Story. Mapping Atlantis: The Underwater City – (8–12 Yrs)


An impossible quest: the search for the lost city of Atlantis. Debunked as a myth by most explorers who have tried and failed to find the underwater civilisation, you are determined to succeed where they have not. Your family has always had a close connection to the ocean; your Aunt is a submarine captain, and your father has written many books on others’ failed attempts to find Atlantis. You feel as though the ocean speaks to you, and spend many hours there with your feet submerged in the lapping waves. One day after school, you head down the familiar path to the sea. As the cool water breaks around your ankles, you notice something wash up on the sand. It looks like a small, worn, leather pouch. You open it up, expecting to find some old coins from a bygone sailor. What you find in its place is worth far more than any coins, and will set you well on your way to finding Atlantis…

This course will enable writers to work on their world building skills across mediums, as they use both vivid descriptive language and illustration skills to map out the lost city of Atlantis. With the help of their own, unseen map of Atlantis, they will write an epic quest tale, charting a family adventure to the murky depths of the ocean. What perils will they face on their deep-sea journey? What will they discover beyond the gates to Atlantis? Will all be as it appears on your map? And, most importantly, what has become of the people rumoured to reside there?

  • Age Group: 8-12 Yrs
  • Duration: 5 days. 15 hours.
  • Start / End Dates: 27–30 August 2019
  • Time: 10:00-13:00, Doors open 10 minutes before class. Early arrivals please wait to be invited by CYW staff to check in
  • Venue: St John’s Notting Hill Church, Lansdowne Crescent, London W11 2NN
  • Terms and Conditions: By making a booking through our site you agree that you have read, understand, and accept our Terms & Conditions and you agree to be bound by these, Cancellations received less than 14 days before the start of the program are not refundable

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