Holiday Club: 15–19 July 2019. The Whole Story. Time Travel Trouble: Accidental Alternate Reality! – (8–12 Yrs) – London or Cambridge



“If you step on a butterfly, you change the future of the human race.” – Doctor Who

When you make an adventurous new friend, you think that your summer can’t get any better! When you discover that they are, in fact, a time traveller, you are sure this summer will be the best one of your life. You are desperate to discover your favourite period of history in real life – but little do you know, that one tiny, seemingly inconsequential action in the past will have a far greater impact on your present than you could possible imagine…

This time-travelling adventure will ask writers to imagine not only life in the past, but whole alternate realities in the present! Many time-travel stories involve deliberate alterations to history – preventing Hitler’s rise to power, or inventing electricity early, for example – but in this case, we will be thinking about how even the smallest decision could spiral into producing a whole alternate universe. What would happen if you returned to the present to discover that humans are on the brink of extinction? Or that television didn’t exist? Or even that you had never been born? Your challenge will be to travel back and right the wrongs of the past before it’s too late. With a focus on creating multiple plots and settings, this workshop will challenge writers to use effective and believable description and world-building in order to create compelling, if unexpected, versions of our reality.

  • Age Group: 8-12 Yrs
  • Duration: 5 days. 15 hours.
  • Start / End Dates: 15–19 July 2019
  • Time: 10:00-13:00, Doors open 10 minutes before class. Early arrivals please wait to be invited by CYW staff to check in
  • Venue Options: London or Cambridge. Please click on 'Select Options' to choose the venue of your choice.
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