Holiday Club: 25 October 2019. One-day Workshop. The Detention – (8-12 Yrs)




You’re in trouble, big trouble. And your punishment is threatening to ruin your whole childhood. No, not your whole childhood. Your entire life! You had plans for your Saturday, and it didn’t involve sitting in the school library with a bunch of misfits.
You did try explaining all this to the headteacher. Even going as far as to state that you were sure that Saturday detentions must be against your human rights and shouldn’t be allowed, to which he stated that YOU were against HIS human rights and shouldn’t be allowed, which, quite frankly, you thought was rather rude. At this point, you did consider pointing out that comments like that were damaging to your self-esteem, and adults should know better, but you’d been arguing for an hour already and you had a funny feeling that if you carried on there would be another Saturday detention winging its way towards you.
So here you are, on a sunny Saturday, stuck in a windowless room with four hateful people. There’s the geek; the idiot; the Barbie doll; and the weirdo. How could the teachers do this to you?
But as the hours tick by, and mischief is in the air, you discover that perhaps you have more in common than you realised.
Join us as we form some unlikely friendships and embark on some mischief and mayhem in a Saturday morning detention…

  • Age Group: 8-12 Yrs
  • Start / End Dates: 25 October 2019
  • Time: 10:00-13:00, Doors open 10 minutes before class. Early arrivals please wait to be invited by CYW staff to check in
  • Venue: St John’s Notting Hill Church, Lansdowne Crescent, London W11 2NN
  • Terms and Conditions: By making a booking through our site you agree that you have read, understand, and accept our Terms & Conditions and you agree to be bound by these, Cancellations received less than 14 days before the start of the program are not refundable

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