Summer Term 2017: Master Your Creative Writing at EIFA (Friday, 3:40 pm)




A course unique to Chelsea Young Writers, Master Your Creative Writing comprises a series of workshops designed by our in-house children’s authors. Over the duration of a school term, children will be introduced to a literary topic from a variety of interesting and exciting angles. Led by experienced and established authors, each session will see our young learners apprehend the theme in question in new and challenging ways, in a bid to create their own unique written responses. Priority is given to encouraging original thought, the construction of a useful plan, the creative and accurate use of language, and developing concentration through timed creative writing.

After attending workshops, we expect children to be outfitted with a well-rounded appreciation of the literary theme at hand – knowledge that will surely continue to pay dividends into the future. We also aspire to have our young writers develop a comprehensive set of writing skills which can be adapted to any time-sensitive written assignment.

Summer Term 2017: Kings & Queens

Throughout history, kings and queens have presided over our land. Most have left behind them a trail of intriguing stories, many of which, have shaped our culture forever.

Story 1: The Royal Oak.

Even the names of British public houses have been shaped by our royal past. For example, a Royal Oak pub is a likely find in most British towns and cities. But where did the name come from?
It is September 6th 1651, three days after the Battle of Worcester, which your army has lost. You arrive at Boscobel at 3am on horseback with your close companion the young King Charles II. He is a wanted man with a reward of one thousand pounds on his head.
At first light you both scramble up into a great oak tree in the wood 100 metres or so from the house, where you stay all day. You eat bread and cheese and drink beer. And you watch.
You see Roundhead soldiers approach, they are searching the wood. Will you and the young king be discovered? What’s to become of you both if you are? Can you outwit the Roundheads? Who will help you? Where will you hide?
Eventually, you and Charles will flee to France. For much of the time without courtiers and troops, you rely on your wits to avoid capture. Luckily, Charles is a brilliant actor. As you travel, for six long weeks you experience the lives of ordinary folk, which most kings and their companions would never normally see. Who will you meet along the way? How will you travel? Are you in disguise? Who will help you? How will your experiences shape the young king, who will eventually return to take throne?
Join King Charles on his incredible journey. A journey that will shape the future of England forever…

Story 2: The Spymaster.

The British are famous for their intelligence services, said to be the best in the world. It is a skill that has inspired many fictional stories of cunning and daring, such as the James Bond series written by Ian Fleming, noted, in particular, for its exciting use of technology and gadgets.
However, travel back to the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, long before technology was even thought of, and you will stumble upon one of the most ruthless and cunning spymasters of them all, Francis Walsingham, a man famous for helping to uncover a plot to oust Queen Elizabeth, and replace her with Mary, Queen of Scots.

You are a code breaker, working amongst Francis Walsingham’s staff, led by the noted forger and intelligence gatherer, cryptographer, Thomas Phelippes.
Intelligence suggests that there is a Catholic plot to invade England, oust the Protestant monarch, Elizabeth, and replace her with the Catholic, Mary, Queen of Scots.
You have been recruited to find, intercept and decipher letters that will reveal the plot and incriminate Mary Queen of Scots.
But this is a dangerous task. You suspect that the Spanish Ambassador in England, Bernardino de Mendoza, is sending contacts to Scotland, but how can you intercept them? And where will you find them? And, even if you do find letters, how will you decipher them?
Delve into a world of espionage, as you attempt to uncover the truth, and entrap Mary, Queen of Scots and her accomplices before it’s too late. You’ll need code breaking skills, cunning, and a little intuition as you embark on this dangerous adventure. Are you up to the task?

  • Term: Summer Term 2017
  • Age Group: Years 3-6
  • Duration: 9 weeks
  • :
  • Time: 15:40-16:40
  • Location: EIFA

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