Spring Term 2017: Master Your Creative Writing at EIFA (Friday, 3:40pm)




A course unique to Chelsea Young Writers, Master Your Creative Writing comprises a series of workshops designed by our in-house children’s authors. Over the duration of a school term, children will be introduced to a literary topic from a variety of interesting and exciting angles. Led by experienced and established authors, each session will see our young learners apprehend the theme in question in new and challenging ways, in a bid to create their own unique written responses. Priority is given to encouraging original thought, the construction of a useful plan, the creative and accurate use of language, and developing concentration through timed creative writing.

After attending workshops, we expect children to be outfitted with a well-rounded appreciation of the literary theme at hand – knowledge that will surely continue to pay dividends into the future. We also aspire to have our young writers develop a comprehensive set of writing skills which can be adapted to any time-sensitive written assignment.

Spring Term 2017

In Through the Web of Space Time travel to infinity and beyond, and record your adventures, live on the moon and push the frontiers of science to places where no one has been before. Like so many other brilliant writers before you, with extracts from classic tales, like those written by H. G. Wells and Jules Verne; plus excerpts from current sci-fi fiction: you will set out to explore the beyond, survive attacks from other life forms, encounter aliens and live to tell the tale. This space probe mission will be led by Sarah Mussi, multi-award winning author of children’s and Y.A. novels.

We invite you to create two great Space stories over the Spring Term 2017: The Gravity Well (Part I) & Moon Village (Part II).
The first half will see you heading to NASA’s headquarters to receive the Intergalactic Training and start your space journey with a small dedicated crew; in the second, you successfully came back from the very edge of Space Time. You defeated the Gravity Well, now NASA want to send you to investigate what has gone wrong on the Moon Village.

Part I: The Gravity Well

Gravitational Waves

Space is not a black, black region — it’s got terrain. It has mountains and flat spots and valleys that you will need to negotiate. If you play your cards right, you can go a long way with very little energy. If you play your cards wrong, you will spend a tremendous amount of energy and get trapped in space.
But you are not worried. You receive the Intergalactic Training and you settle down, strap in and hit the blast off button – but maybe you should have read the not-so-small print – “magnetosphere and gravitational fields currently have unknown values – BEWARE – deviations expected due to warps in spacetime – expect delays and other dimensions!”
It’s too late! The Gravity Well has sucked all your energy. You must follow the pull field you are stuck in. Where are you headed? What will you find? How will it all end up? And what will it be like?
Come on this terrifying journey with a small dedicated crew, live to tell the tale. Keep a record of your travels and steer your starship into unknown territories.

Part II: Moon Village.

Moon Walk

You successfully came back from the very edge of SpaceTime. You defeated the Gravity Well, now NASA want to send you to investigate what has gone wrong on the Moon Village.
A band of nations have built a telescope on the far side of the moon, where observations are shielded from Earth’s electromagnetic din. Robots have made radiation-proof habitats from lunar regolith. A tech firm has extracted water from polar ice and turned some of it into hydrogen, oxygen and rocket fuel. It should all be up and running. So why is nobody getting back to NASA with an update? Every rocket flight they send seems to get swallowed up into the dark side of the moon. Now it’s up to you to travel there and find out what is happening.
It’s up to you to fix whatever has gone wrong. They’ll give you resources – but what HAS gone wrong? And is it fixable?

  • Term: Spring Term 2017
  • Age Group: Years 4, 5, 6.
  • Duration: 9 weeks
  • :
  • Time: 15:40-16:40
  • Location: EIFA

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