Summer Term 2016: Creative Writing, Monday (Hampshire School Chelsea, 4.30pm)



Course Title: Greek Myths

The Greek Myths – as well as being wonderful stories in themselves – provide all the basic building blocks of story-telling. They are the Lego Kits of creative writing.

For the Ancient Greeks, the Myths were not just entertainment, they were a means of exploring every aspect of human nature – the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly. And for creative writers today, they remain an invaluable source of plots, themes and characters which have inspired some of the classic novels of literature and the blockbusters of popular fiction.

For the ten weeks of the summer term Chelsea Young Writers will explore ten of these epic tales of heroism and adventure, human endurance and weakness. And each week they will write their own short self-contained stories on the same subject – but in a style and setting which reflect their individual characters and skills as a writer.

Chelsea Young Writers will, in effect, produce their own versions of the Greek Myths.

Group Size: max 12 children.

NO SESSION on Bank Holiday 02 May 2016. Course duration is 9 weeks.

  • Term: Summer Term 2016
  • Age Group: Years 3, 4, 5
  • Course Duration: 09 weeks
  • Workshop Dates: 25-Apr, 09-May, 16-May, 23-May, Half Term, 06-Jun, 13-Jun, 20-Jun, 27-Jun, 04-Jul NO SESSION on 02 May.
  • Time: 16:30-17:30
  • Venue: The Hampshire School Chelsea, Library Hall, 15 Manresa Road, London SW3 6NB

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