Holiday Club: 18-22 July 2016. The Whole Story. This Is Very Midsummer Madness! A 5-day Course on Crafting Your Shakespearean Story – (8-12 Yrs)



Led by Margaret Bateson-Hill

Shakespeare’s comedies are full of mistaken identities, long lost twins, girls disguised as boys, runaways, estranged parents/ brothers/ sisters, wise servants, vain/ greedy / foolish masters and mistresses, evil rulers, augmentative fairies, and wild beasts. Nothing is ever as it seems!
The result – misunderstandings galore! Yet somehow in the end everything turns out all right.

Come and write a tangled web of a story using all/ most/ some of the above.

Over the five days we will create three different strands to our story.
1. The runaway hero/ heroine story.
2. Servants and ‘low life’ characters – a slapstick comedy story.
3. Magical fantasy story.

As we go we will weave these three strands together into a single whole.

We will explore our story though various writing styles and exercises.
Narrative – a straightforward telling of the story
Character profiles – including writing monologues so we discover the internal world of our characters.
Dialogue between characters. (Perhaps we’ll act some of it out- or record it as spoken telling).
Poetic descriptive writing – exploring metaphor and similes, onomatopoeia and alliteration, assonance and even rhyme.

  • Age Group: 8-12 Years
  • Course duration: 5 days. 15 hours.
  • Workshop Dates: 18-22 July
  • Time: 10:00-13:00
  • Location: St John’s Notting Hill Church, Lansdowne Crescent, London W11 2NN

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