New Saturday Club! Write and Revise Course

One of the biggest challenges for primary school aged children when writing is revision and self-editing skills; from constructively engaging with primary schools, we have observed that during the act of composition, young writers can find it hard to critically reflect on their work.

The Whole Story

In a new venture for Chelsea Young Writers, eight children aged from 8 – 10 years came to Clementi House for four consecutive mornings to explore the most important elements of narrative and write a complete story from beginning to end.

Painting with Words

On Friday May 29 a group of Chelsea Young Writers attended a 3-hour workshop of script-writing with writer/director Paul Bryers.

Here is Paul’s account on his workshop.

All too often the process of writing fiction creates a block.

Creative writing is a stamina booster!

I’m often impressed and not infrequently astounded by the quality of writing that the children who attend Chelsea Young Writers courses produce. There really are some fabulously talented writers among them. What impressed me even more on the day of workshops I ran recently at Clementi House was their stamina.

Writing alongside the Bard

When it was decided that the theme of Spring Term 2015 was to be Shakespeare, I knew we would be in for a good one. Who else could be a better inspiration to our young members than the man who is arguably the most important author in the history of mankind?