Small People, Big Dreams

There are a few things we’ve noticed over the past few years in our ‘The Whole Story’ courses. Perhaps most importantly is the fact that creativity simply can’t be rushed or forced. Giving the children five days to write just one story often results in them surprising their parents,

Clubs over Classes

We are often asked what makes creative writing (or any other supposedly ‘academic’ subject) any different from school classes when taken as an extracurricular activity. Indeed, there are plenty of extra learning activities out there which precisely recreate the classroom environment outside of school to optimise learning.

Nine Incredible Books to Bring Shakespeare to Life

We can’t wait to get our teeth into the ‘Master Your Creative Writing’ autumn term, in which we will be Rewriting Shakespeare! Whether or not your child is taking the ‘Master Your Creative Writing’ course this time, we’ve compiled a list of books to boost your child’s enthusiasm for the Bard,

Autumn Term is Knocking at the Door

Summer has been as much wonderful fun for Chelsea Young Writers as ever, with an all-time high number of courses and classes running. We’ve enjoyed every moment, and once again we must thank our attendees and their supporters for making every session both a joy and a learning curve all at once.

Spy School Student: Mission Impossible!

Round the table at our holiday creative writing workshop today are twelve bold, bright and courageous spy school students, all eager to set off on a secret mission – the most challenging of their lives so far!

The Dazzling World of Greek Mythology

“Zeus, first cause, prime mover; for what thing without Zeus is done among mortals?”
– Aeschylus

Imagine being condemned to the back-breaking labour and daily tedium of continually rolling a boulder up a hill, to having your liver pecked at endlessly by a giant eagle,