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New Saturday Club! Write and Revise Course

One of the biggest challenges for primary school aged children when writing is revision and self-editing skills; from constructively engaging with primary schools, we have observed that during the act of composition, young writers can find it hard to critically reflect on their work. With this in mind,
CYW has designed a new course, “Write & Revise”, which aims to bolster Key Stage 2 revision and editing skills and improve your children’s writing.

With a focus on crucial aspects of structure, content, language, style, punctuation, spelling and grammar, this course will teach your child how to best approach written tasks with a fully-formed critical eye. It will be beneficial for any child looking to hone their skills in preparation for the 11Plus exam, or for those keen on developing a suite of useful and practical authorial skills.

During each two-hour session, your child will be invited to do timed independent writing based on prompts exclusively designed by Chelsea Young Writers. A CYW instructor-in-charge will guide and teach the group of children how to rework and edit their writing in the most effective way, imparting highly practicable advice on how to develop various skills and strategies in an engaging and exciting style way. Activities will involve self-editing and the encouragement of lively and constructive peer-to-peer feedback. Your child will be asked to re-write their work after the revision and editing process is completed.
Encompassing a plethora of genres and themes, all the prompts will constitute an inspiring starting point for story-writing and will be specifically designed by CYW authors-in-residence. The course will be delivered by a CYW in-house instructor-in-charge.

Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to make an impactful difference to your child’s writing!