Creative writing is a stamina booster!

I’m often impressed and not infrequently astounded by the quality of writing that the children who attend Chelsea Young Writers courses produce. There really are some fabulously talented writers among them. What impressed me even more on the day of workshops I ran recently at Clementi House was their stamina.

I ran two very different workshops – one on writing about sport and games in the morning, the other on creating mystery in the afternoon – and a few children attended both. So, six hours of writing workshops with just a half hour break for lunch in between. At seven, eight-years-old that’s no mean feat. Even I was feeling it by the end of the day and I’m a mature adult. So I’d like to say a really big well-done to that small band who showed such admirable application and no little skill and creativity throughout an entire day.

It was a privilege and a pleasure to work with you (and with those who attended either one of the workshops). From dynamic mesostic poems about fencing and dungeons and dragons to stories dripping with mystery based on objects around us in the room – an intriguing painting, a sword and scabbard, an old grandfather clock – imagination flowed delightfully.

Alan Durant is a CYW author-in-residence, and has written over twenty books about sports and games of one kind or another – from football to Gameboys! Alan recently showed  young writers how to create stories based on the sports, games and leisure activities that they are passionate about. You can follow Alan on Twitter.

Alan Durant
Alan Durant