Our Vision

At Chelsea Young Writers Club, our main focus is on stimulating creative thinking and writing skills. Our after-school and holiday workshops also aim to extend your critical perceptions and imaginative faculties through encouraging self-expression. Acclaimed children’s authors, writers and highly experienced tutors lead our workshops, keeping them as open and responsive as possible with set writing exercises and group feedbacks. Within these lively environments you will learn to use personal interests and experiences to develop your own compelling stories.

We do not replace, but complement the school curriculum by providing a more in-depth programme on creative writing. Although we don’t set targets, percentages or mark your work as right or wrong, we do provide a structured guidance, teaching the ability to self-edit or constructively critique. With the emphasis on freeing creativity, we are confident that your literacy skills will improve as a direct result.

We believe that the imagination should be nurtured from an early age, and that learning to challenge conventional wisdom equips you not only as a writer, but as a thinker – in science, law, politics, engineering – in fact for anything you might want to be when you grow up! One thing parents and children can be sure of with Chelsea Young Writers is that it will always be exciting, enriching and, in the widest possible sense, educational, too. But, most of all, it will be really good fun!