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Welcome to Chelsea Young Writers

Helping children explore and develop their creative writing skills

Chelsea Young Writers  is set up  as a fun after-school activity to stimulate and develop creativity and writing skills. While schools rightly focus on givingchildren a critical awareness, the CYW club aims to encourage and extend achild's creative writing skills, critical perceptions and imaginative faculties as a form of expression, beyond the basic demands of the curriculum.

We believe that creative writing is not just enjoyable and stimulating, it’s also an important medium of self-expression. Our expert tutors will lead and guide the learning, while trying to keep the workshops as open and responsive as possible so that children can explore their own interests and experiences as a basis for creating compelling stories.

Chelsea Young Writers  club is not an extension of school. We have no formal curriculum and there are no tests. We don’t set targets either, but that’s not to say we don’t have structure or proper tutorship – and, though our focus is on creative rather than literacy skills, we are confident the latter will improve as a result of our workshops  Our tutors are highly experienced, award-winning authors with proven skills in inspiring and enhancing children’s creative writing. What better way can there be to develop creative writing skills than from an expert in the craft?

Chelsea Young Writers club is divided into two age-ranged sections: 6 – 8 year-olds and 7 – 11 year-olds. Each week participants will be introduced to an aspect of writing – characterisation, plotting, structure, dialogue, description, style and language, different genres to name but a few – through carefully conceived age appropriate, entertaining but challenging activities, games and exercises. We may use toys, for example, to help devise character, or music for creating mood, or unusual artefacts to fire the imagination. All we require of participants is that they are prepared to fully engage, work hard and are interested in being creative. It’s a club, not a hothouse – we don’t expect children to begin necessarily with a high level of creative writing skills (though we certainly don’t frown upon it if they do!) - but we do expect commitment and enthusiasm (and that’s from tutors as much as from children!).One thing parents and children can be sure of with Chelsea Young Writers Club is that it will be exciting, enrichening and, in the widest possible sense, educational too. But, most of all, it will be really good fun!

For booking enquiries please  contact  or call us on 020 7351 7831

 'After half a term of the CYW classes, I have seen a dramatic change in my 8 year old's attitude and confidence towards writing. The loveliest surprise was when he informed me with no goading whatsoever that he wished to write a story one Sunday (this has NEVER happened before) and then proceeded to happily write a badly spelt, incredibly unrealistic but completely original and engaging 2-page story in one 45 minute sitting! He has also been getting many more house points at school for English this term, which I directly attribute to CYW.'  Smita Biswas, mother of an 8 year old boy

'Our class teacher called us in to show us this INCREDIBLE story my son wrote in class - all about a chocolate world where kids cry chocolate tears and the parks have lollipop trees etc.. It was fantastic. So I say that something is happening with him on that front thanks to you and your effort. Your kindness and non judgemental attitude makes such a huge difference. Thank you so much. His confidence needs a boost and when that happens we see the best from him. Wonderful to see as a mummy - keep doing what you are doing - can't thank you enough.' Tammy, mother of an 6 year old boy

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